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Toss The Turtle

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Toss the turtle game is a popular game involving distance allowing firing turtle out of a cannon. It includes guns, cannons and jetpacks to shoot your turtle the farthest. It is very addictive and has recorded million players within a short period. With highest distance achieved more cash is earned. The money earned is used to purchase upgrades that include guns, missiles and bombs. Once the game is loaded a set of instructions appears and also a player is greeted with music and graphics. It is also funny in that words that reads! Don’t kill yourself appears on the screen thus a quality game for every gamer. Playing involves aiming the cannon with the mouse by clicking and then holding the button to toss the turtle highest in the air possible. It is important to release the mouse when the power bar is full for additional power. Once the turtle is in mid-flight he should be guided using the A, W and D keys. Aids as well as obstacles are present along the path. They can be located in the ground or above in the air. Obstacles e.g. spikes and birds will hinder or injure the turtle while assists e.g. bombs will propel the turtle higher into the air and should not be avoided. Through high distance tossing more money is earned for purchase of upgrades such as super cannons and jet packs. The upgrades appear as icons at the bottom left of the screen and are activated by simply clicking on them. Rack pack costs $1000 and allows up to 10,000 feet flight. It last throughout the game and allows extra money for more upgrades. Guns varieties include AK-47, sniper rifles and bazookas. They shoot the turtle in flight for increased distances. It is an enjoyable game for all gamers to get playing with endless fun.