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Death By Hinge

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Death By Hinge is a creative well developed online game that allows you to take out your aggression in the most aggressive manner towards a stick figure as you swat him with a giant mental hinge. Your role is to smack him good and to ensure you have well calculated moves that help you in the entire mission. It is described as a wonderful object batting game that comes with the enjoyment of the play with a stick figure. Death By Hinge is easier to play and creatively gives you unique platform as compared to other online games. The hints of playing this game are simple as you can choose to click and drag the hinge towards the left side of screen, and then you right click. You then move mouse towards the right side of flash window when the guy is midway down left click. Through such cheats you are able to get atleast 8000 and above scores. Death By Hinge is a great game for the creative and it allows you to know the right cheat times and how to get higher scores.