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Death Dice Overdose

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Death Dice Overdose is a simple, yet addictive game where the Gods themselves have turned against you and your life is at stake. They throw dice and gamble with your very existence. The best thing you can do is run and hope that you don't get hit by dice. As you play this interesting title, you will see that your character has a shock meter that fills up over time and you need to collect pills in order to keep it down as much as you can. On the contrary, it will soon be game over for you. Meanwhile, if you take too many pills, you will become overdosed and get more points while you are in that state. While avoiding all dice, you should be especially careful with the so-called Death Dice. They cause one of six different hazards the moment they touch the ground, so you need to be constantly focused in order to keep your character alive as long as possible.