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Gun Runner

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Well, the game is indeed adrenaline-raising. It makes you alert and look out for any incoming danger. As you start the game, you are given instructions. And how sarcastically funny they are. They tell you have you have been chosen on a mission. A mission where you are to die. Well, that is true because the game is all about blood and death. Cool music plays in the background and it motivates you to look more keenly and love life. Gun Runner is one of those games that would make one love to be attentive. Yes, in Gun Runner, you will not survive even in level one if you are the type who pays no attention. Either you will not notice that a gun was shot to signal the start of your mission, or you will be slashed by a metal hook that you will run into. Gun Runner is made up of obstacles that you will find either on the ground or suspended in the air. These obstacles, if not evaded in good time lead to sure death. So you have to be keen to press the key 'W' on your keyboard to jump or key 'S' to slide. The farther you go in the levels, the more thrilling the game becomes.