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Sheep Cannon

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There is no doubt, the gaming world has changed massively in the last decade and today, the gaming works not only on the video games or X-Box but it has come to all the platforms such as iOS, Android and lastly online. To take the level of addiction even higher, here is a game developed by Skunk Brothers, The Sheep Canon. Don’t worry if you don’t like sheep shearing, the game deals with sheep blasting! The Game is fun and if you love quick, simple and addictive gaming, it is surely a beautiful piece. All you need to do is to press the big fat red bomb and see the sheep making its way in air. Now, the aim of a player is to take the sheep a maximum distance without being getting halted by obstacles. The sound is funny and the graphics are light and will be loved by children a lot. Besides that, the control is also good and easy to play by any individual.