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Troll Cannon 2

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This game is not only thrilling but also simple to understand. All you have to do is know how to use a mouse to aim. And who doesn't know how to use a mouse? Well, nobody! So the game is for all computer users. The game is made up of twenty levels where one must hit a target in each of the levels. Once you successfully finish the twenty levels, you are added four bonus levels. As you play the levels, your aim should be exit and move from one level to the other in the shortest time possible. You are supplied with a cannon gun loaded with men as its balls. You are supposed to save these men as quick as possible via the exit vehicle provided. In some levels, you will be provided with a boat, car, aeroplane or even a lift to whisk off your people. Troll cannon 2 is a cool game that will relieve you from boredom on that hot afternoon or when you have nobody around you. Troll Cannon 2 will surely lighten up your mood. You could also have your kids play it if they are video game fans. The game has been reviewed by many people as cool and captivating. You have the option to share the game with friends on facebook, twitter and all the other social media forums that you are in. So if you get the game, do not be selfish. Share the link to friends.